Congratulations, your lender has accepted your application and issued you with a mortgage offer … now what? Well, it is important to note that, in most cases, the mortgage offer will be sent to you and a copy will also be sent to your solicitor.

Once you have received your copy it is important that you review the terms of the offer very carefully ensuring that all the details are correct and detail exactly what you have agreed with your lender/broker. If any of the information contained in your mortgage offer is incorrect or differ from those agreed by you, please contact your lender or mortgage broker immediately to arrange an amendment.

If, however, everything is correct and you have accepted your mortgage offer, we can now progress onto the next stage of the conveyancing process. More often than not, this will involve concluding missives and finalising a date of entry. At this stage, we will endeavour to contact you to take your instructions and will make an appointment for you to come in to the office to sign your mortgage paperwork. We can then request release of your mortgage funds which will be sent directly to us on the day of settlement/completion.